Our Supplements

In a perfect world, we’d spend our days outdoors in the sunlight, in touch with nature and feeling great. Unfortunately, lifestyles today are overscheduled, overstimulated, and wrought with stress. Vianda takes a natural approach to helping your body and mind stay healthy. Factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, and work-related stress can take its toll on your body. Vianda's vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements are a natural solution. With natural supplements that address concerns ranging from menopause and hormonal support and male enhancement, to sleep and joint comfort, Vianda helps promote healthy living from within. *

Vianda stands tall above the competition in the world of natural health.  At Vianda, we focus on supplying premium doctor-formulated, substantiated brands.  We attribute our strong customer loyalty to these brands; which are all top-notch, tested formulas.  Vianda creates high quality products that not only deliver results, but improve lives, in a natural manner.

All of Vianda’s formulas are borne from years of clinical research, based on individual ingredients, found all over the world.  We capitalize on nutrient synergies to be to the highest standard, thus delivering safe, yet potent, premium vitamin, mineral, and botanical solutions – with the goal to help the body operate it its optimal potential.

Vianda’s quality standards go above and beyond natural supplement manufacturing requirements. Our natural supplements are manufactured in the United States by USFDA-registered and audited manufacturing facilities, and they are also certified by NSF, a 3rd-party independent auditing service. Our raw materials, as well as our finished products, are tested by independent 3rd-party laboratories registered and audited by the FDA to ensure conformity with safety and efficacy specifications.